Passive Aggressive House

Passive Aggressive House

Passive house is a green building design and construction approach that results in highly efficient residential and commercial buildings.

Although commonly referred to under the term “passive house”, buildings constructed to this standard can be built to commercial scale as well as single family residential.

The passive house standard is somewhat complex because there are two separate organizations that promote this type of construction…

PassivHaus in Germany was the originator of the standard… and PHIUS (Passive House Institute U.S.) in the United States was subsequently formed to promote the standard here in the United States.

PHIUS has made changes to the PassivHaus standard to better reflect the differences in climate across the U.S.

Passive house is becoming more popular in the United States. Eco-friendly and energy conservation-minded people are interested in home building options, such as net zero homes1 and passive house construction, to increase their resilience and reduce grid dependency.

Passive Aggressive House


But ultimately, whichever passive house standard you choose, the customer is always right…!



  1. Net Zero homes, also called “zero energy buildings”, are buildings that use only as much energy as they produce. Energy production in net zero homes is usually accomplished through on-site renewable energy, such as solar photovoltaics.