The $1M One Person Business May Be A Trap

Imagining your life as an entrepreneur can seem glamorous. Even more glamorous today is the idea of the solopreneur… One who is a $1M one person business.

More common today is the dream of starting a $1 million one person company.1

The idea of the $1M one person business sounds great on paper… If it works.

But if you dream to achieve the $1M one person business, the reality is that you may kill yourself (or go crazy before actually achieving your goal).

A better approach may be to find a team you can work with in a high commission sales environment where you can work with people.

It’s rare that an entrepreneur succeeds… But a solopreneur? Combining business pressures with loneliness can lead to depression

As such, successful solopreneurs are even more rare.

The key is people.

Like great investments, great people can make or break your career…

If the solopreneur thing isn’t working out, find a great team you can work with in a flexible environment. It may be all you need to succeed.


  1. The book by the same name touts case studies are not really all “one person”… But I digress.