Apple Has Certain “Friend” Like Qualities…

Friends exist across a spectrum based on how they make us feel, how reliable they are, etc.

Friends are also attractive in some way… We have a chemistry with our best friends that is something we didn’t intend… It’s just there.

I truly look forward to news about Apple.

I spend more time with Apple’s products than I do with anything or anyone else.

This makes me want Apple to succeed, to keep building great products…

I don’t want then to let me down.

If a friend is someone we count on… My relationship with Apple is friend-like in that way.

There were certainly times in my life where people who were my friends did things to hurt me.

Friends have tried to screw girls I was dating, while I was actually dating them.

I’ve had friends who have dumped me… Seemingly out of the blue. Maybe it was something I did. I don’t know, really.

Friends can betray us.

I go into my relationship with Apple knowing it is like a friend that could leave me disappointed.

Apple doesn’t know me very well, but I wish it did.

I know Apple puts itself ahead of me in everything. Many real friends do that too.

I think for any friendship to work you have to be willing to give 100%, and expect nothing, really, in return…