Leading To, Not With

Most salespeople today deliver with sales presentations by leading with information about how great their company is.

But this isn’t really the way it should be.

And it’s very likely that your sales prospect is merely enduring the beginning portion of your presentation, the part with the slides about your company… Silently wondering when you’re going to get to the point.

The point being: Them

The book “The Challenger Sale” flips the conventional sales presentation concept on its head.

The sales strategy in The Challenger Sale is not leading with information about your company…

Instead, you teach your prospect something new they didn’t know before.

You tell a story about something relevant and useful to their business that helps them see something they didn’t know they needed in the first place.

You’re not leading with information about how great your company and its solutions are…

You’re leading them to the solution which only you can provide.

By introducing a fresh scenario, wrapped in an emotional story, your prospect envisions how they can solve a problem they need solving.

You control the emotions and lead them to the only logical conclusion:

That you are synonymous with the solution.