The Next Supercycle is Coming

The next Apple “supercycle” is coming…

The reason Apple will likely experience another “supercycle” at the end of 2018, going into 2019, is because the iPhone X form factor is the most radical change in design since the iPhone 4.

It’s so obvious to me that this will happen and here are four reasons why:

  1. The iPhone X is the hottest selling, most popular iPhone model among all iPhones. It has been the best selling iPhone since it was released late last year.
  2. Apple is expected to launch a larger form factor iPhone X “Plus” in the fall.
  3. There is pent up demand among loyal Apple fans who still use an iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7s but who want to upgrade.
  4. Apple is expected to launch an entire lineup of new iPhones that have the same “edge to edge” screen that the iPhone X has.

These four reasons are why Apple will experience its first iPhone “supercycle” since 2014.

The supercycle is likely to drive Apple’s market capitalization above $1 trillion for the first time…