Obstacles Turn Into Opportunities in Sales

obstacles turn into opportunities

I think it was Joe Kraus who said, and I’m paraphrasing probably, “The first “no” is like the starter’s pistol that marks the beginning of the sales process.” This attitude and perspective perfectly captures the fact that obstacles turn into opportunities in the sales process…

With the first “no”, we find an obstacle in sales. But the first “no” is also a massive opportunity because it means that you’ve actually done something.

You started.

The fear was there before the call… But you made the call anyway.

Good for you. Now make another one.

Every time you confront an obstacle in a “no” it hardens you a little to the fear of rejection. It gets you used to feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

I wish they had taught sales in business school… It is perhaps one of the most underrated skills for business people and entrepreneurs.

Indeed, sales almost never emphasized as a factor in stories about entrepreneurial success.

Being told “no” shouldn’t have a negative effect on your sales pitch… The sales pitch should remain sincere and humble.

Seth Godin was told no 900 times… But Joel Myers was told no 24,900 times…

Each “no” added up and along the way.

Obstacles turn into opportunities.