Orvis is the New Brooks Brothers

orvis is the new brooks brothers

Orvis1 is officially the new Brooks Brothers.

For years I shopped at Brooks Brothers for shirts, pants, sweaters, ties, etc.

But it has been sucking for so long that I think really Orvis is the new default choice for cool, preppie clothing.

Why doesn’t Brooks Brothers develop a cool line of casual fleeces with the BB logo…?

Why does Orvis sell Barbour jackets and clothing and Brooks Brothers does not…? What genius made that decision…?

Why doesn’t Brooks Brothers offer the basic staples like a nice light blue gingham long sleeve shirt with buttoned cuffs and a spread collar?

I don’t know… But they don’t.

And if they do offer a gingham shirt, it sucks. They should look at ones offered by Thomas Pink or even Tyrrwhit.

Tyrrwhit used to have a good one, but it’s gone too.

Seriously… What. The. Orvis. Preppie. Fuck?

Orvis not only has better looking clothes, their clothes are better made.

Seem more durable.

The pricing is reasonable too.

The last time I got suckered into buying three shirts at Brooks Brothers they were these shit knits. I admit I trusted them in the store and didn’t try them on but I never try shirts on in the store… They’re shirts. I think these even only came in S, M and L, as opposed to neck and sleeve sizes.

Anyway, I got them home and they sucked because the material was not comfortable and the collars were these weird angles… They ended up hanging in my closet for a year or so until I gave them to my wife as rags or something.

When I used to work on 45th Street and 5th Avenue, I remember buying a nice, classic blue and white striped shirt at Paul Stuart with a spread collar, once.

It was expensive as hell, but I wore it proudly until the collar stay pockets had holes in them and the collar stays would fall out.

The collar was frayed and… Whatever, man, it still looked good.

Fuck. What the hell is wrong with Brooks Brothers. They literally don’t offer this shirt (below)…

And NO the ones on their site are not the exact same. Only to a loser they are.

Brooks Brothers doesn't sell this shirt

They fucking invented this shirt (above). And they don’t sell it?! Try finding it on their site or in a store. No, don’t waste your time because it’s not there. You need to go to Paul Stuart. Or maybe Tyrrwhit. Or Orvis.

All I want are some nice, stylish classic clothes that I can wear until they are literally threadbare and filled with holes.

OK… End rant.

Brooks Brothers makes OK pants. I’ve had many pairs of Brooks Brothers dress slacks for many years and I still wear them. They’re probably 10 years old and they still look OK.

But MAN why is Orvis kicking their asses?


  1. Hey Orvis, buy a damned SSL certificate… It’s like $99.00. Don’t you know that it’s basically required today for any e-commerce site…? What the fuck! Do I have to write to the CEO of Brooks Brothers AND Orvis? At least Brooks Brothers’ site is secure. Touché Brooks Brothers.