Reclusive Billionaire Warns of a Google Without Websites…

The powers that be don’t want you to know this…

And they’re afraid this information will get out.

The plans have been hidden from you deliberately for years… Because if you ran a business on the Internet and you knew it, all hell could break loose.

Indeed, if you rely on a website for your income and knew this information, it could be like having access to a money spigot…

Knowing this information would be akin to unleashing a massive wave of cash onto the few who are able to take advantage of the opportunity… By creating an alternative to Google.

What if Google Doesn’t Need Websites to Answer Questions?

First you need to imagine a world where Google no longer needs websites to provide answers to searches.

Dr. Fügen, a reclusive billionaire who lives in a remote, wooded 1,000 acre estate near Sun Valley, Idaho, has made this controversial claim.

He claims that Google’s master plan is to ultimately have an artificial intelligence engine so powerful that it no longer needs websites to provide answers.

To call Dr. Fügen a “hermit” would be putting it mildly…

But his closest family members, some of whom rely on Google for their livelihoods, have implored him to come forward.

It’s not what you’ll hear on the evening news.

Or even in Wired Magazine… But imagine a world where Google has universal knowledge and can answer any query without relying on a website to provide you with the perfect answer to your search.

Google is building an AI to end all AIs.

Slowly but surely you can see for yourself that Dr. Fügen’s prediction is coming true.

Google’s search results pages (SERPs) are increasingly squeezing out the organic results (where websites like yours that have earned their free rankings) in favor of Google’s own pay per click ads or Google’s own answers to queries.

When Google can provide its own answers to the questions you ask, why does it need websites at all?

It doesn’t.

Imagine a new online experience where page 1 of the search results has no websites at all… Just Google’s answers to your queries.

Many people have called Dr. Fügen crazy… They called him crazy at “The Institute” where he trained as a physician. But he showed them.

He showed them all by earning his billions.

And he is betting this is the future.