Robots Make Food More Efficient, Less Magical

robots make food more efficient, less magical

When I lived in Providence, there was a TCBY near my apartment.

They sold frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt concoctions, such as “Shivers”, that I bought.

One day my father was visiting and we went there.

As we approached the cashier, a person behind the counter was pouring a brown, liquid yogurt mix (maybe chocolate?) into the bottom of the yogurt machine.

My father turned and looked at me and said, “Kind of takes some of the magic out of it doesn’t it…?”

No One Wants to See Robots Make Food

From bartending to pizza to veggie bowls, restaurant workplace automation using robots is increasing…

And many people are concerned that it will lead to the death of restaurant employment.

But I disagree…

I think there will always be humans working in restaurants and bars… Because there are just some basic fundamental laws of restaurant operations.

  • Never open a restaurant in an old bank building.
  • Never put a robot behind a bar when a beautiful, capable, friendly woman or man is available.

Bars and restaurants are where humans go to talk, eat, converse, complain and just… Get human.

If the price is right for your Daniel Boulud-inspired “health bowl”, go for it. And if you want to eat at TCBY, or enjoy a shake at McDonalds, you kind of need a slurry of liquid goop to make it work…

In the end, you need to close your eyes to the process.

You might like the food, but you don’t want to see how it’s made.

If you saw how sausage, ground beef, steaks, milk or bacon were made, you probably would think twice before eating them.