Success is Largely Mental

Success is largely a mental game… To accomplish what you know you can and should accomplish, you need to take care of your brain and body as a first priority.

This means exercise, eat right, get sleep, don’t drink alcohol or do drugs. If you do drink, do it rarely and in moderation…

If you can stop drinking (especially if you want to stop), do so.

Everyone’s different. Some people can literally destroy their bodies and brains and still function at a high level.

I am not one of those people.

Even one beer can mess me up the next day based on the stories I associate with alcohol ruining lives.

It also doesn’t really matter all that much what you look like as a person in terms of the level of success you can achieve. If you want something you can achieve it.

Being attractive helps, but only if you are driven. Otherwise you’ll just sit back and wait for people to do things for you because you’re attractive… That is until you get old and you’re not attractive anymore.

Then where will you be?

For this reason, you need to work the mental game. This means you need to give yourself positive talk too… Pump yourself up.

Get in the zone.

Don’t listen to the voice in your head (the lizard) that holds on to the negative thinking…

The lizard is part of you, but you need to control it.

It’s a wild animal that will never be tamed, so you need to control it any way you can.

The same way you would control a wild animal in the zoo… One that you know you can’t trust or domesticate.

Control the lizard. Pump yourself up. Take care of yourself.

Imagine your success in your head and you can achieve it.