Should You Become a Plumber?

A frequent (unsolicited and unprompted) topic of conversation among me and my friends who live in Ridgefield, Connecticut is whether we should have not worried about college and decided to become a plumber. At lunch today I was joking with a friend of mine that during middle school neither of us got good grades, which led to us switching schools and our grades improving such that we were able to attend good colleges. We looked at each other and wondered aloud whether we would have been better off doing poorly,…

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How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider It

How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider Doing So

Brave Coin, aka Basic Attention Token (“BAT”), is the token that runs on the Brave web browser for desktop and mobile. Brave is a new browser that blocks ads and trackers. Brave is faster than Chrome or Safari because 3rd party trackers and other adtech software is blocked by the Brave browser. Brave also offers a new way to monetize content for small publishers. Many independent publishers and bloggers, such as this blog, use ad serving software and affiliate links to attempt to monetize their sites. Brave provides an alternative…

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Third Party Doctrine In The Digital Age

third party doctrine in the digital age

The concept of “third party doctrine” is often left out of discussions surrounding peer to peer blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. As such, a distinction in the argument against trusted third parties needs to be made… As I wrote earlier, in defending trusted third parties, third parties can provide many benefits to individuals. For example, banks, cellular providers, lenders, attorneys, accountants and even cryptocurrency trading platforms help people transact. The help they provide is to offer a platform that historically has made things easier for consumers. Because of trusted third parties,…

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Is There A Limited Amount of BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

Brave Coin, aka Basic Attention Token (“BAT”), is the token that runs on the Brave browser. Brave is a new blockchain based web browser built on open source software that blocks ads and trackers that follow you around when you are on the Internet. You can download Brave for PC, Mac and Linux here. You can also download the Brave browser for mobile from the App Store for iOS using iPhone or iPad. While there are many private browsers available, Brave’s use of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), or Brave…

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Why Shorting Falls Short

Is shorting stocks a good long term investment strategy? When compared to traditional stock investing, shorting falls short. What is Stock Shorting? Shorting a stock can be considered the opposite of investing in a stock. When investing in a stock you are making a bet that the stock will appreciate. However, when shorting a stock you are betting that the stock will fall in value. How Do You Short A Stock? To short a stock you borrow the stock from someone so that you can immediately sell it. However, after…

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Default Biases

What are your default settings? Do you focus more on potential threats or rewards? Are you more worried about possible failure than excited about your potential for success? Do you focus more on short term pleasure or long term gains? Are you more intuitive or data driven in your thinking and, by extension, your behavior…? Observe your thoughts and track your behavior. Acknowledging our default internal biases can help us figure out why we do what we do… Whether it seems rational or not. Tracking our behavior and progress can…

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Someone Needs to Kill “Fireside Chats”

Someone needs to kill fireside chats

Conference organizers and interviewers sometimes do this thing where they refer to interviews or special sessions they have with a guest as “fireside chats”. Never mind the fact that this concept jumped the shark years ago… There’s even a Forbes “listicle” about it… Barf. News flash to hosts… Your guest isn’t FDR. And the interview is never by a fire, which is beside the point. They are also rarely “intimate” which is what one imagines a real fireside chat to be. Like “rapid fire questions“, I have STRONG feelings of…

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Visible and Invisible Tools

By merely looking at you, to a detached observer, you may appear to have all the tools needed to excel at a sport or in a particular career. Indeed, if the detached observer was the gambling type, given the opportunity he or she might even wager that you stand to be wildly successful at your chosen task… Whatever that may be. But like the tip of the iceberg, the visible factors are only one part of the equation. Appearance doesn’t tell the whole story. What is happening beneath the surface…

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How Are You Measured?

The lizard inside all of us only cares about the short term game… It will scheme and cajole and rationalize to you why short term gain, or removal of pain, is the answer to all your problems. The lizard doesn’t understand how you’re being measured against the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, and doesn’t care. Understanding how you are measured makes goal setting and achieving much easier. Understanding is the first step in controlling the lizard that is along for the ride no matter what.

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