How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider It

How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider Doing So

Brave Coin, aka Basic Attention Token (“BAT”), is the token that runs on the Brave web browser for desktop and mobile.

Brave is a new browser that blocks ads and trackers. Brave is faster than Chrome or Safari because 3rd party trackers and other adtech software is blocked by the Brave browser.

Brave also offers a new way to monetize content for small publishers.

Many independent publishers and bloggers, such as this blog, use ad serving software1 and affiliate links to attempt to monetize their sites.

Brave provides an alternative to this model in the form of cryptocurrency payments using the Basic Attention Token (aka “Brave Coin”) which trades under the crypto-symbol “BAT”.

Readers and publishers can use Brave and BAT…

Publishers can sign up with Brave to be verified to receive BAT from readers.

Readers who use the Brave browser for speed and security can choose to make payments in BAT publishers if they choose to support them using a non-online advertising based model.2

Using cryptocurrency as payment for publishers is an alternative to an ads based model, which is currently under the microscope by regulators scrutinizing the Google/Facebook oligopoly.

Ad blocking software is also increasing in popularity. It is estimated that over 500 million computers use ad blocking software of some kind.

As such, Brave is providing an alternative to the ad-based publisher monetization model.

How Do I Buy Brave Coin?

To buy Brave token, or BAT, you have to first buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum then exchange it for BAT.

You can buy these cryptos on any number of exchanges.

The most popular U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange is Coinbase.

Binance is another popular cryptocurrency exchange that is headquartered in Malta…

Binance trades in BAT, but Coinbase does not currently offer BAT.3

If you have a Coinbase account, you can also set up a Binance account.

You can purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase (or Binance). If you own Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase already, you can just transfer it from your Coinbase wallet to a Binance wallet.

Either way, to purchase BAT, you can use the Binance platform.

According to the Brave whitepaper, there is a limited amount of BAT cryptocurrency in circulation.

Should I Buy Brave Coin/BAT?

There are three reasons you may want to consider buying BAT.

  1. Support your favorite publishers with Brave
  2. Support the Brave project and protect your personal browsing data from 3rd parties
  3. Speculate on BAT price appreciation

The third reason is probably why most people will consider buying BAT…

However, each of the aforementioned reasons is worthwhile because, as long as you can afford to lose the money that you spend on BAT, you will learn something in the process.


  1. Such as AdSense.
  2. In future iterations of Brave, the Brave team plans to allow readers to be paid anonymously for their attention by advertisers on the Brave platform.
  3. Recently Coinbase announced that it was considering adding BAT to its cryptocurrency exchange.