Is There A Limited Amount of BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

Brave Coin, aka Basic Attention Token (“BAT”), is the token that runs on the Brave browser.

Brave is a new blockchain based web browser built on open source software that blocks ads and trackers that follow you around when you are on the Internet.

You can download Brave for PC, Mac and Linux here. You can also download the Brave browser for mobile from the App Store for iOS using iPhone or iPad.

While there are many private browsers available, Brave’s use of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), or Brave Coin, offers bloggers a way to monetize their blogs via the BAT cryptocurrency.

Users of the Brave browser can choose to pay their favorite publishers using BAT, instead of by clicking on ads.

What Is BAT?

BAT, aka “Basic Attention Token”, or Brave Coin, is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Brave safe browsing platform.

While many independent publishers and bloggers, such as this blog, use ad serving software1 to monetize their sites, Brave offers an alternative to this model in the form of cryptocurrency payments using the Basic Attention Token (aka “Brave Coin”) which trades under the crypto-symbol “BAT”.

Is There a Limited Amount of BAT?

Yes, there is a limited amount of BAT. According to the Basic Attention Token whitepaper, there is a cap of 1.5 billion BAT tokens.

Recently Coinbase announced that it was considering adding BAT and several other cryptos, such as Stellar Lumens and Cardano, to its cryptocurrency exchange.


  1. Such as AdSense.