Newspapers Are Underrated

newspapers are underrated

Sadly, Facebook gets all the press regarding how people get their news these days… As a result, newspapers are underrated.

Your Facebook feed represents an extremely filtered version of what Facebook (and Facebook alone) expects will result in some behavior of yours that benefits Facebook.

Such as clicking an ad, liking something or sharing a post.

The difference between Facebook and a national newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, is that with a newspaper everyone gets the same news.

The WSJ or NYT news is not customized for you… And that’s a good thing.

newspapers are underrated

As such, if you want to broaden your perspective on what is really happening in the world you may want to subscribe to an actual paper newspaper (or the online version of it).

Personally, I like receiving a paper newspaper. It’s an opportunity for me to unplug as well as get outside perspectives that are not tailored to a “feed” on social media.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal because I find it helpful to get exposure to other points of view.

I might not agree with certain articles on the editorial page of the WSJ, but I read them. It helps me understand how people think.

Enough people voted for Trump and support him that understanding the points of view of Trump voters makes me a better person… And a better salesperson.

Understanding is the lynchpin of empathy.

And empathy is helpful, indeed it’s key, in successfully engaging in one of the most important skills in business: