The Long Tail Retirement

Long tail retirement

Due to the lengthening nature of retirement I think more people should consider incorporating blogging as a daily habit.

What Could You Accomplish in 15, 20 or 30 Years?

Daily blogging can be a great additional activity for someone who is retired… This is because blogging has many potential benefits, including:

  • A Valuable Record: A blog can be a valuable record of stories, thoughts, experiences, lessons learned, expertise, etc. for your family and blog readers.
  • Mental Health: A blog can help you keep your brain active with critical thinking, researching and writing your blog posts.
  • Incremental Revenue: A blog may be able to generate an incremental revenue stream for you.
  • Valuable Asset: A blog that generates revenue should be thought of as a business. This can be a valuable asset that your children may want to take over when you are gone.

While I think the third and fourth bullets “Incremental Revenue” and “Valuable Asset” should not necessarily be the goals of blogging, they could definitely be byproducts of developing a regular blogging habit.

There are myriad online business models available that can be created over time and seniors are exceptionally well-positioned to take advantage of them.

Indeed, while most people overestimate what they can accomplish in 1 year, they underestimate what they can accomplish in 10 or 15 years.

How Long Is Retirement In The U.S.?

15 years is the average length of retirement in the U.S.

Length of Retirement at Retirement Age - Long Tail Retirement

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average length of retirement globally is about 18 years when you consider everyone on planet Earth.

However, in the United States, the average length of retirement is around 15 years.

So what will you do during that time?

Do you want to play golf or volunteer or do you plan to keep working in some fashion?

Maybe you want to earn some extra income.

Yes blogging can help create an incremental revenue stream… And you read a lot about money making schemes on the Internet. Some can work (if you do the work).

But more importantly, blogging can provide a creative outlet, reduce mental boredom and even create social connections.

Blogging Is Not For Everyone

Of course, not everyone was meant to become a blogger.

That said, if you are not interested in blogging, maybe it’s only because you’ve never really considered it.

If you have always dreamed of writing a book, seeing that book on a bookstore shelf and this is a recurring theme in your dreams, but you’ve done nothing about it, that’s a good sign that blogging could be a great opportunity for you.

It is easy to create a blog and start earning a little money. The downsides of blogging are almost zero. If you have an Internet connection, you can blog for free.

If you want to invest a little bit of money in building a website from scratch, it is still extremely inexpensive to create a blog.

And the good news is that creating a blog can be much more rewarding than writing a book.

What Do I Mean By “Long Tail Retirement”?

Because blogging can incorporate so much interactivity, a blog can take on a life of its own – becoming a business in itself.

Especially when a new blogger starts with the “Long Tail” in mind as a strategy for building their blog.

The term “long tail” refers to the almost infinite number of obscure variants that can exist on any topic you want to write about.

The “long tail” is in contrast to the “fat head“.

For a blog about ice cream flavors, the fat head would be “vanilla”… And a long tail blog topic on ice cream and gelato flavors would be something like “maple bacon” flavor from Johnny Gelato.

bacon ice cream

For instance if you are interested in writing about the topic of astronomy… In this case the term “astronomy” would be the fat head of the topic.

As you get more specific in your writing you could write about Jupiter, or you could be interested in the moons of Jupiter, or the chemicals that comprise Jupiter and its atmosphere, or write about fictional characters that you imagine could live on Jupiter…

You get the picture.

The more obscure the blog topic, the more it’s in the long tail.

You probably have some long tail topics in you.

And since we are all so unique in our experiences, adopting a “long tail retirement” mindset may be rewarding.

So if you are concerned about your retirement and have a special interest or unique hobby, can commit to daily writing… Who knows?

Blogging may be perfect for you!