Tied Up With Freedom

PIE Ratio calculate Price of Freedom

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What is your ego tied up with?

Is your ego tied up with a particular sport, or driving a type of car or being a member of a club?

Is your ego tied up with a career, such as having a job on Wall Street?

If you’re a creative person, your ego might be tied up with the ability to produce great, new ideas. Or maybe your ego is tied up with being with a beautiful man or woman.

Perhaps your ego wants it all… You want to be great at sports, make a lot of money, marry the most beautiful person you can find and have a successful creative outlet.

Personally, my ego is tied up with the idea of freedom.

I like the idea of not having to work if I don’t want to… Trying to figure things out… Having the freedom to take my time to do the right thing.

It comes back to the formula in the PIE Ratio

PIE Ratio calculate Price of Freedom

Passive income > Burn = Freedom.

Freedom means being able to choose to work if and when you want to.