Topic Clusters Can Improve Conversions

Do Pillars and Topic Clusters Improve Conversions?

One day a few years ago I decided that I was on a mission to find a four leaf clover. 

I had never found a four leaf clover before… But I was obsessed with the idea and determined to find one.

I looked everywhere and after a few weeks, while at a park with my family, I found one. 

In fact there were many four leaf clovers in this one place.

There was one, then I found another and another and another… 

I gave them to my daughters. But they were so little they didn’t really care…

The point is that I found one, then looked around the same area for more of what I wanted.

In online marketing, pillar content (clovers) and topic clusters (in my case, four leaf clovers) work the same way.

Pillar content is the name for those high level, top of the funnel pages on your site that represent the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

Pillar pages answer every question related to a topic that you are interested in

Pillar pages cover a topic fully. They are link worthy.

So, if you create a pillar page, chances are that you can create links to other relevant content that people will want to read.