When Ideas Have Sex

when ideas have sex

The best ideas often come from connecting two seemingly unrelated things and forming something new.

Author Matt Ridley refers to it as “When ideas have sex“…

He claims that this phenomenon is both uniquely human and responsible for all or most of our progress as a species on Earth.

The moment that the “bridge” between two seemingly unrelated ideas appears can be very exciting.

It can also be disorienting for the creator to try to put into words the structure of a new idea that seems so clear in his or her mind.

Unless you’ve put yourself under a lot of stress, It’s always easier to see a solution, than it is to actually implement it.

As the Calvin Coolidge quote about persistence goes, “Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.”

There’s a tendency to want to refer to one of the two sides of the bridge, not the bridge itself, when describing the new idea to yourself or to someone else.

But if you can avoid this, when you revisit your new idea, you may find that it will be that much further along in its own evolution because you’ve left the the metaphors behind.

A good idea, like a bridge, has to stand on its own.