Is It Too Late To Invest in Apple in 2018?

is it too late to invest in Apple in 2018

With Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) recently crushing the trillion dollar market cap milestone, some investors may be wondering if it is too late to invest in Apple in 2018… It’s a legitimate question. Since passing $1 trillion in market capitalization around 30 days ago, Apple stock has increased in value around 10% since the start of the beginning of August 2018 alone. So… Is It Too Late To Invest In Apple In 2018? Not by a longshot. Since I’m not a financial advisor, and don’t play one on the Internet, to…

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The “Enormously Underpriced” iPhone


More paraenetic advice from Warren Buffett today… This time on when to buy stocks. Mr. Buffett turned 88 today and was interviewed by CNBC prior having lunch with a charity donor who paid $3,300,100 to have lunch with him at Smith & Wollensky in New York City. His quote about purchasing stocks, which some experts believe are overvalued, was interesting. He said: “I don’t know when to buy stocks, but I know whether to buy stocks…” He said he was actually buying stocks this morning, before lunch. He also said…

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Feels Like Nosebleed Territory… Be Prepared

The stock market is driven largely by emotion. By some stock market experts’ definitions, the market is experiencing the longest bull market in history. The bull run is newsworthy, so people talk about the stock market… The more they read, the more they have “FOMO”. And FOMO causes them to invest more… And it brings in people from the sidelines who haven’t invested much in the past. How Much of a Bull Market Is This? Starting in March 2009, this bull market has returned 324% over approximately 9.5 years. It’s…

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Does Google Have a Quantum Computer?

does Google have a quantum computer

The cryptocurrency world is asking the legitimate question of whether Bitcoin will be secure when quantum computing becomes a reality… This is because a quantum computer is a “super super computer”. A quantum computer can perform unfathomably complex calculations nearly instantaneously and could easily break RSA encryption and crack the digital signatures used to secure Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Quantum computers use Shor’s algorithm which is a quantum algorithm that could break public key cryptography. Public key cryptography was designed by classical (non-quantum) computers. As such, quantum cryptographers are seeking…

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Sam Harris Dictionary: Orthogonal

The word orthogonal is often used by Sam Harris on his podcast. Orthogonal is a 25 cent word that may be hard to naturally work into a sentence, unless of course you’re a neuroscientist. When Sam uses the word orthogonal, he could be using it in mathematical terms, as in the meaning “of a right angle”… But more likely he is using orthogonal when making a point in a debate about one thing being unrelated to some other thing. For instance, if you were in a debate with someone about…

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1 in 3 Americans Don’t Have Enough to Retire On

A recent study by Northwestern Mutual found that 1 in 3 Americans have less than $25,000 in retirement savings. And 21% of Americans have $0.00 saved for retirement. The average length of retirement is 20 years… How are you going to live for 20 years on nothing? If you’re still young, take advantage of tax incentives such as an HSA. If you have an entrepreneurial itch you want to scratch, consider forming an LLC or S-Corp to run your business through. If you’re approaching retirement, one option in addition to…

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Looking Forward to the Supercycle

iPhone Supercycle 2018

The new iPhone multi-year supercycle is coming and iPhone upgrades will be fueled by the new iPhone X form factor, only in three new iPhones. My iPhone 6s works great… But I’m interested in a new phone. I’ve been holding off on buying a 7, 8 or X until now. New iPhone Launch Date: The new iPhone 9 is expected to launch on September 12th and be available for purchase/order on September 14th, 2018. Each of the new iPhones are expected to have FaceID. The largest of the new iPhones is…

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What is a Residential Sale Leaseback?

A residential sale leaseback is a transaction in which you sell your home and then immediately lease it back from the buyer. The concept of the sale leaseback started in commercial real estate but has started to pop up in residential homes. What are the Pros and Cons of a Residential Sale Leaseback? Pros: You can get 100% of the cash out on the value of your home. You can stay in your home. You can take advantage of the tax benefits of selling a primary residence. Some buyers may…

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The Igrarian Home

the igrarian home diagram south

Eventually I believe that all home electricity will essentially be free because of solar power and technology advancement. It’s hard not to envision this when one considers how far we have advanced in other areas, such as the cost of an hour’s worth of artificial light. Matt Ridley, author of “The Rational Optimist“, researched the amount of work it takes to generate (earn) an hour of artificial light today, versus 150 years ago. 1800: a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours’ work. 1880: the same light from a…

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Being Alone in the Year 2020

Augmented reality is coming fast… And Apple is poised to succeed in this space, if it respects its customers’ important need to be alone. Like having my patella struck with a reflex hammer, my knee jerk reaction to any wearable computing device is suspicion. Google Glass, the information feedbag, was the worst. Idiots walking around with it on… Just made me want to punch them. Even the idea of it… Like having Facebook or Twitter notifications pinging you from the dashboard of your car, it just seems like a fucking…

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