Crypto “Community”… A Veiled Term for Bureaucracy?


The term “community” is tossed around in cryptocurrency and token discussions constantly.

Community references “social benefits” harkening a better world where somehow a hybrid social capitalism run by smart contracts takes over.

In other words, Utopia.

Give me a break.

“Community” is really just a veiled term for what it really is… Bureaucracy. People trying to exert control anyway they can to further their own personal agenda.

Whatever that hidden personal agenda may be, it ultimately leads to a desire to make money from crypto.

So please. Just say that.

Listening to Jesperson drone on in a soft, masturbatory way about the Tezos “community” is nauseating Utopia-speak.

Indeed, I did not hear one concrete, useful thing come out of his mouth during the entire Unchained podcast.1

Kathleen and Arthur should let this guy loose and find a more versatile and articulate technical leader who can explain in non-technical terms to non-technical people how they can use Tezos and make money from it.

Want to be useful? Forget about Utopia.

Instead, tell us how Tezos can be sustainable by applying it to practical business.



  1. Unchained is a great podcast, by the way.