In Defense of Nuance…

in defense of nuance

Have you been outside the filter bubble lately?

Probably not.

It’s not all your fault, though.

Indeed, it seems as though the number of places where one may engage in a reasonable discussion with a stranger about controversial topics and possibly learn something new is becoming smaller and smaller…

Have a unique perspective? Maybe you should dial it back a little first. After all… You may find yourself outlawed.

Landmines are everywhere.

Nuance is seen as a sign of weakness….

So, what do you do when you have thoughts that are full of nuance…?

Thoughts that might be rational, objectively reasonable and arguably based in science… But nevertheless viewed (or more likely, widely met with contempt) because they are politically objectionable either on the left or right sides of the spectrum.

Want Real Nuance? Forget NPR.

For years nuance was implied and accepted in the reporting of the three big networks.

Cable news splintered things into Fox News, CNBC or CNN for what suited you…

Today’s news isn’t about objectivity… It’s a three ringed circus of acts, each with shows that are completely different from one another.

NPR could be counted on for thoughtful conversation… But it’s been moving further left and further away from nuance, to its detriment, perhaps as a counterbalance to Fox News.

So who can you talk or listen to?

It’s not easy, nor advisable of course, to have such discussions at work…

And your spouse, significant other, family or friends may be too dug into their views to offer nuanced perspectives…

Or perhaps they’re too narrow to be satisfying.

Of course, you could have access to a local library that can act as a trusted arbitrator… But chances are good you aren’t that fortunate.

Scarcity of open discourse is a real problem… You can still find rational thought in established journalistic newspapers. But ad technology is killing journalism…

And social media is making it worse.

Luckily new ideas, discipline, nuance, bravery and practical conversation can be found for free on Sam Harris’s The Waking Up Podcast.