8 More Examples of New Apple Shortcuts

Examples of Apple Shortcuts

On Monday Apple released the best iOS update in years… iOS 12.

iOS 12 is a great free upgrade for almost1 any iOS device. Some of the benefits include longer battery life, improved speed, better control of children’s mobile devices, better use of photos, improvements to messenger, screen time monitoring and more…

Apple Shortcuts for Siri

Although I was originally dismissive of it, one of the best updates with iOS 12 is the introduction of “Shortcuts”.

With Shortcuts, you can create Siri Shortcuts which let you quickly do everyday tasks, using the apps you use the most — all with just a single tap or by asking Siri.

Shortcuts also allows you to create your own pre-defined custom actions that you define then can invoke from your iPhone, iPad, etc. or using Siri.

One example of a useful Apple Shortcut that I created this week is “Heading to Work“.

This Shortcut allows you to just say “Heading to Work” to Siri and Siri will automatically fire up Apple Maps (or Google Maps) and start playing a Playlist of your choice from Apple Music.

To add Shortcuts, simply download the “Shortcuts App” from the iOS App Store.

Here are 8 more examples of new pre-defined Apple Shortcuts that you can get within the new Shortcuts app from within the “Shortcuts Gallery”:

1. Directions Home and 2. Finding Gas Nearby

Examples of New Apple Shortcuts

3. Play Genre Radio and 4. Speak Body of Article

5. Dictate to Bear and 6. Word of the Day

7. Recording to Evernote and 8. Dictate & Share

Bonus Siri Shortcut #9 – Call the Cops!

Call the cops















Bonus Shortcut #10 – Siri Shortcut to Record Voice Memo

With this shortcut you can record a voice memo with a Siri command or a home screen icon. Click here to read the full article.

How to Find Voice Memos From iPhone Record Audio Shortcut 1


  1. Basically anything from 2013 to today…