4 Alternatives When Amazon Used Books Are Overpriced

alternatives when amazon used books are overpriced

Amazon used to be a great place to buy used books for cheap.1 But now, it seems that Amazon used books are overpriced.

I always use Amazon because it’s so convenient… But I’ve suspected for awhile that Amazon used books are overpriced…

Until today I didn’t learn anything more about how overpriced on used books Amazon can be…

For instance, I was looking around for a used copy of “Hillbilly Elegy” because I heard this book was great but haven’t read it yet.

I went on Amazon.com and the least expensive used “like new” version of Hillbilly Elegy was $18.22.

Amazon used books are overpriced

Yikes. That seems like basically a new book price.

Googling around, you can find a few alternatives to Amazon when it comes to used books.

1) HPB.com (Half Priced Books) for Used Books

HPB.com has Hillbilly Elegy used for only $6.02.

used books on Hpb.com

2) DealOz for Used Books

I Googled “Hillbilly Elegy used” and a site called “DealOz” popped up.

DealOz is a price comparison site for used books… You can find a list of other sites on the Internet that are offering the used book you are looking for at various prices.

The top site for lowest price combined used book plus shipping on DealOz was “AbeBooks.com“. They had Hillbilly Elegy for $5.32.

Cheaper alternative to Amazon for used books

3) eBay for Used Books

Then I Googled a little differently and moved the word “used” to the front using “used Hillbilly Elegy” and found eBay.

Wow. A brand new copy for only $4.98 on eBay. With FREE SHIPPING.

This could be the best deal of all…

used books on eBay

4) eCampus for Used Books

Then I dug a little deeper on Google and found a site called “eCampus.com” that had a hardcopy version of Hillbilly Elegy for only $2.04.

We don’t know what the shipping is because eCampus requires you to create an account. They don’t let you check out as a guest…

But $2.04 may be compelling enough to create an account if you want to find out how much shipping is.

Amazon alternative eCampus for used books

Instead of using Amazon.com, you can use one of these other sites as an alternative to Amazon for used books and probably save a few bucks…


  1. Because of its high prices, it’s probably still a great place to sell used books…