Failure Leaves Clues Too…

Tony Robbins is often quoted for the phrase “Success leaves clues“. He may have learned this from his mentor, Jim Rohn.

Of course it’s true… Success does leave clues.

It can pay to watch what those who are successful are doing and try to determine what they are doing that makes the difference in their lives.

Remember that trying to simply observe what a successful person is doing to become successful is extremely hard. You are observing only the tip of the iceberg, or what’s visible, above the surface.

Chances are that what is visible is probably only 10-20% of the reason for his or her success… The rest lies under the surface in a horrible mess of struggle, upbringing, mental frameworks, levels of aggression, personal drive, personal philosophy, environment and so much more.

Remember, also, that behavior compounds over time. Behaviors, both good and bad, can become habits.

Conversely, failure leaves clues.

While finding successful clues in others is extremely difficult, on the contrary it can be extremely easy to find the clues of failure in yourself.

You know what they are… You just don’t want to deal with it.

(This is a classic video of Jim Rohn explaining how success leaves clues…)