How to Close All Mobile Tabs in Safari iOS

If you have an iPhone or other iOS device, you may not realize it… But you probably have about 1,000 open mobile tabs in Safari on iOS right now.

Safari is the default browser for many apps on your iPhone or iPad by default.

As such whenever you open a link to a web page from one of those apps, Safari is used.

Safari keeps each of those incremental windows open in perpetuity unless you close them.

And WOW can it add up…

I just looked and realized that I had about 240 tabs open…!

Some were from months ago. I started deleting them one by one…

But it was taking forever.

I tried closing the Safari app by “flipping” it up, but if you close Safari by “flipping” the app upward to remove it from your open apps, the tabs will still be there.

How Do You Close All Mobile Tabs in Safari in iOS?

Instead of closing each of the tabs manually, you can close all tabs in Safari for mobile/iOS easily.

Just tap and hold the tab icon in the tray… Then some options will appear.

How to Close All Mobile Tabs in Safari iOS

Just tap “Close All _______ Tabs” and boom… Done!