How to Create a Siri Shortcut for Driving to Work

Useful Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 was released today and it turns out that I was wrong about it not being useful… Shortcuts is actually quite awesome after all… After I played around with the Shortcuts App, I added my first Siri Shortcut.

A Siri Shortcut for driving to work.

The result is a one click Shortcut on my iPhone that will do the following:

  1. Fire up Apple Maps with my work address pre-loaded
  2. Fire up Apple Music with a pre-loaded Apple Music Playlist

The easiest way to create a Shortcut is to download the Shortcuts App for iOS… Then you can create a custom Shortcut of your own or use one of the pre-loaded Shortcuts from the Gallery.

How to Create a Siri Shortcut for Driving to Work with a Playlist

Follow these instructions for adding a Shortcut to Siri for driving to work…

1. Download the Shortcuts App from the iOS App Store

Once you’ve downloaded the Shortcuts App, open Shortcuts and choose “Create Shortcut” to create a custom Shortcut or you can choose a pre-loaded Shortcut from the “Gallery” below in the tray.

For the Driving to Work Shortcut, use the “Gallery” icon which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen below.

Siri Useful Shortcut with Apple Maps and Playlist


2. Open the Gallery and Choose “Heading to Work” That’s Preloaded

Tap “Heading to Work”. Then tap “Get Shortcut”.

Siri Useful Shortcut with Maps

3. Enter Your Work Address and Other Options, Such As An Apple Music Playlist of Your Choice

Enter your work address and any other options, such as an Apple Music playlist to your “Driving to Work” Shortcut.

Siri Useful Shortcut with Maps

4. Click “Done” and Your Shortcut Will Be Added to Your Shortcuts App and Appear in the Library

If you want to delete a Shortcut, you can just tap and hold onto it and all the Shortcuts will start to shake. Then tap the Shortcut you want to delete and choose the Trash Can icon in the top right.

how to create a Siri Shortcut for Driving to Work-min

5. From the Library, You can Edit Your Shortcut by Clicking on the Three Dots in the Top Right-Hand Corner of the Shortcut

If you want to edit the shortcut after you’ve added it, you can tap the “Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner of the Library screen.

Then tap the three horizontal dots in the top right hand corner of the Shortcut you want to edit.

Siri Shortcut for Driving to Work

6. Add Your Shortcut to Siri by Choosing “Add to Siri” from Settings

To add the Shortcut to Siri, just tap “Add to Siri” from the Settings menu, and then record a voice command such as “Heading to Work”.

Just tap the red “recording” dot and say “Heading to Work”.

You can also add a simple icon to your home screen if you just want to tap the icon to start the shortcut.

That’s it. If this Shortcut isn’t useful to you, Apple has tons of interesting Shortcuts in the Shortcuts App…