How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

If you’re confused about how to upgrade your Apple Music subscription from an “Individual” subscription to a “Family” subscription for family sharing, you’re not alone…

It’s confusing. The exact process can vary depending on whether you already have an Apple Music account, and/or if you’ve set up a “Profile” in Apple Music.

In my case, I had an Individual Apple Music account (with no “Profile” set up in Apple Music), and I just wanted to upgrade to a “Family” subscription to allow family sharing.

The process is simple and easy, but not intuitive.

So it took me a few minutes to figure out how to make it work.

How to Set Up Apple Music For Family Sharing Using Your iPhone

The following instructions assume you already have an Apple Music subscription as an individual. 1

Follow these simple steps for upgrading from an “Individual” Apple Music subscription to a “Family” or “Family Sharing” Apple Music subscription.

Step 1: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store

On your iPhone, click “Settings” (the gear icon) on your iPhone home screen.

iOS iPhone Settings iconOnce you’re in Settings, you might think to tap your Apple ID at the top of Settings, but this can cause confusion because the “Family Sharing” option is there.

Upgrading Apple Music to “Family” is not done within the “Family Sharing” option in Settings… It is done through iTunes & App Store.

There is a one tap way to reach iTunes & App Store from within “Settings”.

From within Settings scroll down to iTunes & App Store. 2

Tap “iTunes & App Store”.

Step 1 How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

Intuitively you might end up in the “Family Sharing” screen, thinking that Apple Music is the option you should use. This won’t let you upgrade from an existing Individual subscription to a “Family” Apple Music subscription, though.

Step 2: Tap Your Apple ID and Then “View Apple ID”

Once you’re in iTunes & App Store, the next step is to tap your Apple ID.

A popup window will appear.

Tap “View Apple ID”.

Step 2 How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

Step 3: In Apple ID Account Settings, Scroll Down to “Subscriptions”

Once you’re viewing your Apple ID, you need to scroll down this screen a bit.

You’ll find the “Subscriptions” option toward the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Subscriptions”.

Step 3 How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

Step 4: In Subscriptions, Tap Apple Music Membership Then “Family”

Once you’re in “Subscriptions” you should see your Apple Music Membership as one of your active subscriptions.

Tap the Apple Music Membership then you’ll see a list of options. The blue check mark should be next to your current subscription level.

To upgrade to “Family” or “Family Sharing” in Apple Music, tap the Family (1 Month) option.

Step 4 How to Upgrade Apple Music to Family Sharing

That’s it!


  1. Apple offers its own instructions, which I think are confusing, for upgrading from an individual subscription to a Family subscription. However, I did not have an Apple Music profile set up, so the instructions did not work for me.
  2. There are two ways to get to “iTunes & App Store” and this is the simplest way because it saves a step. This saves a step from the alternative way which is to go to Settings > Your name (at the top of the Settings screen) > iTunes & App Store.