What is Boredom? A Failure to Pay Attention

The Waking Up App by Sam Harris is an exciting way to try meditation.

Meditation offers a path to gaining a better understanding of what’s going on in your head…

Over time, focusing your attention holds the promise that you may have a better relationship with the chaos of thoughts that is your mind.

I’m using the app and I like it a lot.

I hope to make my mind “better” in some way… Perhaps I will be able to realize the title of Dan Harris’s (no relation) book on the subject, “10% Happier“.1

I tried meditating for the first time after reading Dan Harris’s book, but didn’t stick with it.

Revisiting Meditation

However, after listening to Sam Harris interview Yuval Noah Harari on Monday I jumped back on the horse and did meditated for 10 minutes.

I had not done so in months…

I then downloaded the Waking Up app and used it today while on the train to New York… The app offers two types of audio:

  1. Guided sessions
  2. Audio on the philosophy of meditating

I listened to Sam’s audio on the philosophy of insight meditation and the concept of free will.

Putting Meditation In Practice

While listening to some of the audio content that’s included on the app I received an email from a potentially mentally deficient client…

In that moment I thought about my thoughts about this person.

Because I recognized my thoughts as objects in consciousness this helped me not react to the person’s email.

The Waking Up App offers both a series of “guided” meditations where you can follow along with his instructions as you meditate, as well as a meditation timer.

I’m going to try the first guided meditation tomorrow.


  1. Dan Harris also has an app called 10% Happier, but I haven’t tried it.