How to Save Time In Crypto Speculation

If you have the stomach for crypto speculation, but don’t want to waste time worrying and second guessing your choice of cryptocurrencies to buy, you can follow the traditional equity investing approach of following the experts.

For instance, equity investors could do a lot worse than simply follow Warren Buffett’s trading decisions.

These decisions are available online each quarter.

Berkshire Hathaway, has a stellar performance history1… As long as you have the same long-term view, it might be a successful approach for you.

Crypto Speculation With DGC

One of the experts in the cryptocurrency space is Barry Silbert. Barry started Digital Currency Group after successfully founding Second Market and selling it to Nasdaq. He was an early Bitcoin believer and investor.

While Digital Currency Group invests in many businesses in the crypto space, what’s notable is that the company only invests (as of this Unchained podcast) in five cryptocurrencies:

There are other experts you could emulate as well… Such as the Hold Ten Crypto Fund, or one of Circle’s Crypto “Collections”.

In any event, it’s probably safe to assume that these experts know more than you do about investing in cryptocurrencies.

You also need to consider whether this extra knowledge is a good or bad thing when it comes to the idea of tagging along.

Of course, you should absolutely never invest any money that you are not 100% prepared to lose.

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies are total scams… As such, any investments you make in cryptocurrencies could end up being worthless.


  1. Of course, past performance is no guarantee or indication of future results.