Is Halloween Sustainable?

Is Halloween sustainable?

Aside from all the walking around, Halloween may be the unhealthiest holiday because of all the… Candy.

American kids stuff themselves with candy that’s absolutely the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality.

Sure, it’s fun… And I wouldn’t really trade the memories of it.

But some of the kids that came to my house last night really shouldn’t have been eating candy. No surprise… So nothing I didn’t know already.

Hopefully their parents will encourage them to chuck most of it… Or give it away.

To whom, I don’t know. Who would want it?

Most of the candy people pass out is total garbage.

We gave out the same crap.

The sugar scandal has put Halloween in a different light now that we know how bad sugar is for everyone.

Maybe everyone should give out cheese.

Anyway, there’s no worry of course… This is America and Halloween probably isn’t going anywhere…