Is It Impossible to Gain Meaning Without Struggle?

Is It Impossible to Gain Meaning Without Struggle?

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One of the greatest paradoxes is of success by “playing it safe”.

Indeed, look at the people who always play it safe… But still fail the worst.

If you never have to overcome anything, because you are afraid of being tested (or worse, because you seek to find the easy way out for everything), you may find yourself in a never-ending, meaningless loop.

And without meaning… What do you have?

Depression and depressive thoughts…

This is a bad place to be because thoughts lead to actions which lead to results

And with depressed thinking, what kind of results do you think you’ll have…?

You can’t coast up a hill… To succeed you have to struggle.

Is It Impossible to Gain Meaning Without Struggle?

If there is no meaning in your life, it could be because you are not actually finding yourself being tested.

With no struggle, you’re not working hard to overcome a challenge.

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