On Looking Back On A Buying Opportunity…

capitalism is the worst type of government except for all others that have been tried...

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The crash of the stock market over the past few days is a buying opportunity like every other market crash that I have seen, but failed to participate in.

Each time, the market recovered.

Each time, the stocks that were most beaten down for no apparent reason, other than fear, recovered.

The best stocks to buy (and own) during times like these are dividend stocks.

This is because if dividends are distributed during downturns, and set to be automatically reinvested, you will eventually profit from Wall Street’s gyrations.

The ups and downs in the market are normal. Indeed, the run up over the past year has been insane in many ways…

Past returns are no guarantee of future results… But.

America is a fantastic country to live and invest in…

And a capitalist economy is the worst type of economy to have (except for all others that have been tried)1


  1. Churchill is quoted as having said “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”