Taking the Edge Off…

Taking the Edge Off

Need a drink or something because you feel like “taking the edge off…?

Like “functional alcoholism“, taking the edge off is a misnomer.

How can you expect to get through anything if you take the edge off first…?

And also which “edge” are you talking about…?

Your personal edge?

If so, WTF would you want to do that?

Your edge should be as sharp as possible, and you should try to maintain it. You really need it just to compete in this game.

And if it’s “life’s edge” you’re trying to dull… Guess what?

It’s a fool’s game to try that because it’s impossible. You can’t take the edge off of life.

Trying to “take the edge off” of life by dulling yourself or your senses is a delusion. It will make your life worse in subtle and not so subtle ways…

What Taking The Edge Off Really Means

On page 139 of Steven Pressfield’s book, “The War of Art“, there’s a passage where the author lists euphemisms for getting drunk…

  • Smashed.
  • Hammered.
  • Plastered.
  • Waxed.
  • Blasted.
  • Stoned.

TWoA is one of the greatest books on personal battles, ever…

However, maybe one of the most accurate slang term for intoxicated is “wasted”.

If you don’t pay attention to it your entire life could be completely wasted because you’re always trying to “take the edge off”.