The Best Thing About Shapr

The Shapr app is a great app for networking.

It’s actually a game changer for meeting business contacts in a few seconds per day.

My iPhone home screen is prime real estate…

And Shapr is one of the 28 apps that has a place there.

How Shapr Works

Shapr is like Tinder for business.

You set up a profile with a photo, a description, geographic information, etc. and then choose some interests that you have.

The app then looks for matches for you and sends you about 10 suggestions for matches each day…

So, in a 24 hour period you don’t get much time on the app… Maybe a minute or so is all it takes to flip through the daily suggestions and decide if you want to swipe right or left on people.

If you swipe right on someone it means you’re interested in them. If you swipe left, you’re not.

If you swipe right on someone, and they swipe right on you, it’s a match.

You get a notification in the app and by email if someone is a match… Then you can choose to message them or whatever.

Shapr offers pre-loaded suggestions for an introductory message you can send to a match… But I don’t recommend using them if you want someone to respond to you.

The canned messages are recognizable from a mile away… Whenever I get one I think the other person is lazy… and I sometimes ignore them.

It’s weird, actually because they’re someone I swiped right on in the first place.

The Best Thing About Shapr

I think the best thing about Shapr is the limited number of matches they send each day.

The scarcity is the best.

Ironically, Shapr offers unlimited suggestions for matches as a premium version of the app.

The scarcity version is free.

The fact that I would never pay a premium for Shapr to give me more suggested matches is probably not lost on the people who run Shapr… I’m sure they have heard this before from other fans of the app.

It puts them in a bit of a bind, though, in terms of a business model.

They’ll need to add other features to make it more useful.

One premium feature they recently added is an “undo” option. Sometimes I swipe on someone then have second thoughts and wish I could go back.

Undo is a good feature… But I don’t know if it’s something I’d pay for.

The app is good because I am busy and distracted enough without another thing asking for my time.

I actually use it everyday…

The few bite sized moments with Shapr means it’s a more focused, deliberate use of my time on the app.

I have actually made successful business connections on the app.

How did I find out about Shapr in the first place?

On an ad in a NYC subway car.

You know, like the kind you’d advertise on if you were Doctor Zizmor.