Thinking Makes It So

The Waking Up Course is a great way to practice meditation.

The course features over a month of guided meditations by Sam Harris… Each day the host of the Waking Up Podcast offers insight into the practice of vipassana, or “insight meditation”.

Day 20 of The Waking Up Course contains a powerful lesson or concept… It gave me a new perspective on the experience of meditation.

The lesson I learned in Day 20 is that every thing (such as a thought or sensation) experienced in consciousness is experienced in the same place in our minds.

For instance, the feeling of dread I have prior to making cold calls is experienced in the same place as the feeling of my feet resting on the floor, or the light I see reflected off the furniture in my office, or the thoughts I have entering my mind from moment to moment…

And that the “good” and “bad” labels I assign to these things are separate than the “things” themselves as they’re experienced in consciousness.

This means that the sensations can live on an even playing field, in theory.

In other words, I don’t have to be worried about making cold calls if I choose to focus on the feeling of sitting in my chair or holding an apple at the time.

In theory, anyway, I can just focus on the chair or the apple.