Training Google For Free…

If someone asked you to train your replacement for free, would you do it?

Millions of knowledge workers are contributing to their future employment demise without even knowing it.

I’m one of them.

You probably are too.

If you have a Gmail account, you are training Google, for free, to eventually replace you or one of your family members with a robot or algorithm.

training Google for free

Every time you type, Google is now attempting to complete your sentences for you. Above is an example of Google completing the words “desktop version” in a sentence after I started to type the word “desk”.

Already it’s quite good at it.

Of course, each email you type is training Google a little more.

You are training the robot that will replace you. You are helping Google learn.

This “help” is of course designed to make you work faster and more productively.

So now Google isn’t just reading my emails, say to scan for keywords to run ads against them, it’s interpreting them and their meaning.

Gmail is so good… I’ve written about how fast it is in the past.

I’m wondering what Gmail alternatives there are out there that are as good as Gmail for blocking SPAM, for speed, ease of use, accessibility, etc.

I can’t think of any. Can you?

I’d love your thoughts for alternatives to Gmail in the comments.