Which is Better? GoDaddy vs. Bluehost Email

If you’ve created a blog or custom website for yourself, Bluehost email offers a simple way to set up a free email at a custom domain… You can also set up forwarding for your custom email to forward to a Gmail account.

Whether you have the domain registered with Bluehost or not, you can set up an email with it.

For example, if you own “spiffyshark.com” and you want to have a custom email address (i.e. hello@spiffyshark.com) you can create this for free using Bluehost.

You can also set up free forwarding so that you can have “hello@spiffyshark.com” forwarded to your “spiffyshark@gmail.com” account…

You might want this because Gmail’s SPAM filtering is pretty awesome, and it’s free.

However, even though GoDaddy is pretty great, if you want to set up an email address with a domain you registered on GoDaddy, GoDaddy charges for it…

‘Nuff said.

Winner: Bluehost!