Who Am I? It Depends On Who You Ask…

who am I?

Who do you think you are? If you sometimes think to yourself “Who Am I?” you are you’re not alone…

We’re in a constant battle to define ourselves.

The battle is between the outside world and our thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences inside ourselves.

Who Am I?

If you ask the outside world for the answer, chances are you will eventually hit a dead end…

But it’s entirely possible it’s not your fault. You may not even realize that you’re looking outside for the answer.

We’re so overwhelmed by stimuli today that it’s hard to even find time to think by yourself.

This may be why the book “10% Happier” struck a chord… And why Sam Harris’s The Waking Up Course is such a hit.

People need time to look inside themselves to get their bearings…

How Can I Answer The Question “Who Am I?”?

The answer to the question “Who am I?” can only be answered if you accept that there are really only two places to look for the answer:

  1. Inside
  2. Outside

Looking outside is a trick… You need to look inward to answer this question.

Take stock of who you are… As you start to collect internal feedback, you can gauge it against the outside world for perspective.

What are your options in the game we’re in?

How can you be who you are and actually enjoy playing this game of life and death…?

Eventually you will get some sense of the answer to the question of “Who am I?”

However, you are likely to forget the answer to this question if you do not constantly remind yourself of who you are… Not only that… But you need to remind yourself of WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

The world can so easily distract you.

How often have you sat down to your computer or picked up your smartphone with the intention of doing something and immediately felt like your brain was erased?

All of a sudden you forgot what you were going to do…

Computer screens can easily wipe your thoughts away by just looking at them.

You need to create rules for yourself. You must be disciplined with yourself. Make yourself do things you don’t want to do…

Be careful and deliberate about what you’re doing each day as it pertains to who you are and what your goals are.

Develop a mantra or invocation that you can rely on.