Why Did BAT (Basic Attention Token) Spike?

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) has spiked lately… Moving up sharply from its low of about $0.14 cents in September.

BAT is at about $0.24.5 today…

Up more than 50%.

Why Did BAT Spike Today?

BAT spiked perhaps because of speculation that it will be added to Coinbase soon.

I am not sure when BAT will be added to Coinbase… However, I think that because of the Brave browser, Basic Attention Token strikes me as being one of the few tokens that has actual potential utility in the long term.

It’s also an investment of Digital Currency Group (DCG) which is owned by early crypto investor and successful entrepreneur Barry Silbert.

According to the BAT whitepaper, there is a limited supply of BAT (1.5 billion tokens).