Cemetery Arbitrage

cemetery arbitrage

While it seems counterintuitive, homes located near cemeteries sell for around 11% more than homes further away from cemeteries…

Redfin did some research on home sales in five different locations across the U.S. and discovered that homes near the dead sell for $162 per square foot vs. $145 per square foot further away.

This is a surprising stat.

It suggests that if you can find a fixer-upper near a cemetery, buy it for a bargain and fix it up, you might be able to make more money than you would for a similar home further away from a cemetery.

Another benefit of living near a cemetery?

Being reminded of death can simultaneously remind you of the preciousness of life.

This could help you remember to live the life you dream about.

Being reminded that we’re all in a game of life and death can provide perspective when life feels overwhelming.