Vidyard Pricing? (Sorry It’s Not Public)

Vidyard pricing isn’t publicly available? Bummer.

Anyone who’s curious about Vidyard pricing because they are looking for a video hosting platform will be disappointed to find out that Vidyard’s pricing is not public…

Why isn’t Vidyard pricing available?

I don’t know…

The only thing I can assume is that they’ve made it a “secret” to get you to call them or to fill out the request form for free demo.

Vidyard Pricing Questions Are The 2nd Most Common on Google

Vidyard’s approach to pricing transparency is stupid.


Because anyone looking for Vidyard pricing is going to end up on another website providing information on Vidyard’s pricing after they search “vidyard pricing” on Google.

Vidyard pricing

Here’s what happened with me… Which I suspect is exactly what happens for most people who are new to Vidyard:

  1. Someone told me about Vidyard
  2. What a coincidence! It just so happens that I am interested in video hosting and alternatives to Wistia (which I have used for years)
  3. I check out and the first thing I look for is pricing
  4. No pricing is available on Vidyard
  5. I feel some negative emotion about Vidyard
  6. I Google “Vidyard pricing” and end up on someone else’s website

In this case, I end up here:

Vidyard Pricing vs. Dubb Pricing Comparison

IMHO, hiding pricing is so dumb for any business, B2B or otherwise.

Why would Vidyard want its competitors’ websites to provide information on its own products and platform ahead of its own?

Because the people at Vidyard haven’t embraced the concepts in “They Ask, You Answer”, one of the best inbound marketing books ever.

The concept of “They Ask, You Answer” addresses one of the biggest failures of most businesses… Namely taking the “ostrich approach” to marketing.

Why do businesses market pricing this way?

Ostrich marketing is not just a problem of traditional brick and mortar businesses, such as pool retailers, consulting businesses, hardware, white goods, etc. that have struggled to create a presence online.

The irony is that Vidyard is an online business.

It’s business model is 100% online and therefore designed to convert visitors to customers who would almost immediately…

An alternative to Vidyard that leaps to mind almost immediately is Wistia. Yes, Wistia is primarily a small business and solopreneur video hosting service1

At the end of the day, Vidyard offers a free tool called “Vidyard GoVideo” which is a Chrome plugin. But for someone interested in using Vidyard for hosting as an alternative to Wistia?

You need to contact sales.


  1. I have used Wistia for years and they’re fine. I don’t get any benefit or referral fee for mentioning Wistia here. I only mention Wistia because Wistia offers transparent pricing and a freemium option.