What To Ignore… And What To Pay Attention To

The sheer volume of information we encounter on a daily basis is mind boggling…

Indeed, it is literally so.

We need devices and software to manage the onslaught of data from our devices and software.

But there are only so many minutes in the day… And it’s so easy to get distracted.

As a result, the decisions we make regarding what to pay attention to become increasingly important.

When every platform, device, retailer, salesperson, etc. is vying for your attention… Who and what can you cut out?

What To Ignore – And What To Pay Attention To

Most of the external data should probably be ignored.

But what about internal data?

Most assuredly you should spend some time each day getting to know yourself

Or use a combination of analog self-evaluation and digital assistance to understand who you are.

But focus inward… Even if there’s outside help.

At the very least, by getting to know yourself you may be less surprised when and if the life you find yourself living seems at odds with the person you believe yourself to be.

It could be that any disconnect between who you really are, and who you want to be, is rooted in what you’re paying attention to in the first place.

Over time, majoring in minor things can become a real world problem.