When Will Apple Watch Be A YubiKey Alternative?

when will Apple Watch become YubiKey alternative?

YubiKey is a physical hardware device that stores passwords and login information.

YubiKey works like a password manager, except it’s kept with you… On a keychain for example.

YubiKey has gotten good reviews for its ease of use… For instance, you can apparently use YubiKey with near field communication (aka “NFC”) to authenticate with an iPhone or Android device when you are trying to log onto a website on your smartphone.

The problem with YubiKey is that you have to enter everything into it, which is a pain…

YubiKey is small so it could be easy to lose… This is why you would probably want it to be attached to a keychain or something.

However, we don’t always have our keys with us… So, if you lose your keys or something, your YubiKey is gone too.

A better approach would be to use some sort of wearable that we never really take off…

Something that is attached to our bodies, for instance.

So, my question is…

When Will Apple Watch Be a YubiKey Alternative?

One of the nice things about the Apple Watch is that you can use it to log into your Mac.

I had my Apple Watch for a couple of years before I actually started using it this way… But once I did, it was a terrific time saver and convenience.

Using Apple Watch as a secure login device is so easy.

You literally just open your Macbook Pro or Macbook or sit down at your iMac and, if you have your Apple Watch on, it logs you in as if you were using your password.

The screen briefly reads “Using your Apple Watch to Log In”… And a second later you’re working.

No passwords needed.

So, the natural next step should be to have the Apple Watch be an alternative to a secure, two-factor hardware device like YubiKey.

It makes perfect sense… And I don’t know why Apple hasn’t already done this.

Apple already has its “keychain” app which stores usernames and passwords securely on the iPhone or in iCloud when using Safari.

It would be great if it “just worked” like that with all the passwords we have stored whenever we need them.