3 Feet From Freedom

Being a solopreneur comes with perils.

These include depression, fear, lack of productivity and stacking the odds against yourself in your ability to succeed.

One of the big ones is a lack of perspective that comes from having no one to talk to.

Perhaps one day we will have artificial intelligence partners who can help us get through the trough of sorrow and other entrepreneurial challenges.

But for now, you need other organic beings to help you… Maybe even a fly.

James Cameron tells a story on the Tim Ferriss Show about how he was having a very difficult time figuring out the script for Avatar… He was sitting alone in a greenhouse in New Zealand facing what seemed like impossible problems.

As he looked up he saw a fly trying to escape from the greenhouse. It was bumping itself into the glass ceiling of the greenhouse over and over again… Even though there was a window open only a 3 feet away.

The fly was “going toward the light”… Not looking at anything else.

Obviously if he spoke fly he could advise the fly on what to do…

He wondered how many times he had been that fly… He wondered how many times he had been three feet from freedom but had no idea.