Sam Harris Dictionary: Inchoate




in·cho·ate | \ in-ˈkō-ət , ˈin-kə-ˌwāt \

Meaning: Imperfectly or not fully formed. Newly or being only partly in existence.

Sam Harris uses the word “inchoate” in episode #205 of the Making Sense podcast.

Sam uses the word as an adjective at 1:56.14 of episode #205 with Daniel Markovits when he qualifies a point he is making by saying, “…this is somewhat inchoate a concern”, meaning the concern is not a fully developed one.

Inchoate may also be used as a noun and a verb, according to Wiktionary.


inchoate (plural inchoates)
Meaning: A beginning, an immature start.


inchoate (third-person singular simple present inchoates, present participle inchoating, simple past and past participle inchoated)

Meanings: (transitive) To begin or start (something); (transitive) To cause or bring about; (intransitive) To make a start.