What Is Midlife Croesus About?

Midlife Croesus is a blog about internet marketing, alternative investments and overcoming the lizard brain.

Midlife Croesus Overcoming the lizard brain

Who was Croesus?

Croesus (pronounced “KREE-sus”) was the original Rockefeller.

As the King of Lydia from 560-547 BC, Croesus was renowned for being the richest king in antiquity.

His name is synonymous with money. Indeed, the term “Richer than Croesus” originates from tales of his legendary wealth.

Croesus is credited for being the first king to mint coins, made of a gold and silver alloy, called Electrum.

Because of the many benefits of money, Croesus’ idea of coinage soon spread from Lydia to the Greeks, Romans, Europeans and gradually emerged as a central driver of global economic development.