How Was Your Day?

When I come home from work, my wife, who is very thoughtful, often asks me how my day was… My answer (good, bad, meh…) usually depends on how well I managed myself during that day. If I did what I needed to do to do… and didn’t get bogged down or made immobile by fear, uncertainty and doubt, I can say it was a good day.

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How To Sell Live Classes In WooCommerce

how to sell scheduled live classes in WooCommerce

If you want to sell live classes in WooCommerce this article describes how to do so without any additional premium add-ons or plugins… The Internet has made it possible for any person with a computer, or even a smartphone, to harness their unique life expertise and “productize it” in the form of online training materials such as video classes, e-books, flashcards, online practice tests, etc. If you have developed expertise over your lifetime, and are interested in creating an online business, selling online video classes, e-books, flashcards, online practice tests,…

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Facebook Cryptocurrency Could Be The First Consumer Digital Asset

According to ARK Invest reporting from the NYTimes, Facebook is going to launch a Facebook cryptocurrency in the next few months. Back in December 2017 I pondered this as a probable outcome in the evolution of digital assets, in light of all the money being made in crypto… Why Does Facebook Want A Cryptocurrency? With 1.5 billion users it seems that Facebook’s interest in a new “stablecoin” concept maybe will pursue the huge $500 billion per year remittances market to help people make payments to each other. Facebook’s WhatsApp product…

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How to Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress – No Plugin Needed

How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site without a plugin

If you run a WordPress website, you may want to add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code to your site. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are free tools that can help you see how many visitors are coming to your site and what they are reading, or clicking on. You can add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code to your site in a variety of ways, including using a free plugin to do so… This post shows you how to add the Google Analytics tracking code manually…

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How to Restore Your iPhone When It Won’t Accept Passcode

How to Restore iPhone When iPhone Won't Accept Passcode

My iPhone Won’t Accept Passcode – For No Reason… Help! This morning I woke up early ready to start off my day but my iPhone X wouldn’t recognize my FaceID or my passcode… Sometimes in the early morning, right after I wake up, my iPhone will not accept FaceID (because bedhead). But this morning, iPhone wouldn’t accept FaceID or my passcode either. This is not the best mindset from which to start a daily meditation practice. I entered my passcode correctly several times, but it kept saying it was incorrect.…

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Old Stone Walls In The Woods…

If you’ve ever gone walking through the woods in New England, you probably have encountered some old stone walls that seem to be in the middle of nowhere. These man-made structures seem to have no purpose… And yet there they are. So, what are they doing there? It’s a great question. Back in the early 1800s stone walls were erected throughout New England primarily to keep animals from wandering off… Primarily sheep. According to an article by Ruth Smith, for the Concord Monitor: The majority of New England’s stone walls…

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3 Feet From Freedom

Being a solopreneur comes with perils. These include depression, fear, lack of productivity and stacking the odds against yourself in your ability to succeed. One of the big ones is a lack of perspective that comes from having no one to talk to. Perhaps one day we will have artificial intelligence partners who can help us get through the trough of sorrow and other entrepreneurial challenges. But for now, you need other organic beings to help you… Maybe even a fly. James Cameron tells a story on the Tim Ferriss Show about…

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Crypto Greenwashing… Is XRP Really Green?

Claiming that XRP is “greener” than Bitcoin, and therefore somehow “better”, is akin to crypto greenwashing. Yes, Bitcoin’s energy use, and therefore its carbon footprint, is absurd and unsustainable… No question about that. But comparing the greenness of XRP/Ripple to Bitcoin is a little like comparing a bottle of Aquafina with a can of Coca-Cola. They are both drinks, but not the same types of products, and neither is necessarily beneficial for the planet. Indeed, in terms of the amount of waste sent to landfills, it might be better for…

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Naval Gazing

naval gazing

Naval gazing, is related to, but should not be confused with, “navel gazing”… The most current definition of naval gazing is the unproductive habit of listening to the Jocko Podcast, or other self-help podcast, and then actually doing nothing to “get on the path”. More broadly, the term can refer to the unproductive behavior of a self-help junkie. Naval gazing may actually be a symptom of pathological navel gazing. Naval Gazing vs. Navel Gazing Navel gazing is a commonly used term to refer to someone involved in self-absorbed, unproductive behaviors. However…

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