I Admire You…

Feeling envious when you talk with someone who you think is “better” than you are is often a disingenuous, false signal. Everyone’s dealing with something you have no idea about… Everyone has a struggle. A better approach is to really admire that person for their ability to remain calm on the surface while their world could likely be falling apart. Thinking, I admire you, is a form of mental Aikido will help you in the end.

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Which Foods Help With Depression?

which foods can help with depression?

Which Foods Help With Depression? According to a study titled “The Gut-Brain Axis: The Missing Link in Depression“: “A poor diet is a risk factor for depression… Thus, a healthy diet may prevent depression. Regulation of the gut microbiota using diet, probiotics and FMT may have important benefits for preventing and treating depression… The gut-brain axis could aid in understanding and treating neuropsychiatric disorders, especially depression.” A healthy diet is one that promotes the growth and regulation of beneficial bacteria at levels that are good for your microbiome. Eating processed…

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Mental Aikido

Aikido, jiu jitsu and judo all can turn your opponent’s strength against them… Each is an art form… When mastered, a smaller, physically weaker person can easily overcome a sulphurous, vesuvian beast. Inner struggles are always a mismatch… Weakness is so strong. We shouldn’t try to meet it head on. At least not for the first 5,000-7,000 hours of our hero’s journey. Our higher self is too weak to aggressor the lizard directly… We must perform mental aikido. Practice redirecting the inner beast every day… Catch it off guard. Redirect…

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10 Podcasts With Brendan Eich, Founder of Brave

Brave founder Brendan Eich is Silicon Valley royalty… He worked with Marc Andreessen as part of the original team at Netscape… While he was there he created the JavaScript programming language (in only 10 days). Since that time he’s also been on a roll… He co-founded Mozilla and the Mozilla Foundation. Today Eich is the founder and CEO of Brave Software and Basic Attention Token (BAT), a “utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in…

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6 Legit Sales Statistics (And Techniques That Work)

6 Legit Sales Statistics and Techniques That Work

For about the past 4 years I’ve had a printout of cold calling sales statistics on the wall of my office… It’s from the “National Sales Executive Association”. You’ve probably seen these before… These sales statistics are a good motivator because they remind me that while cold calling is hard, I should push through the pain because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel if I persevere. The bad news about these stats is that apparently the “National Sales Executive Association” doesn’t exist… So the stats are made…

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Voting For Your Life

voting for your life

Efforts to “get out the vote” are repeated without fail come election time. However, according to the New York Times, most “get out the vote” efforts often fail… Basic efforts to get out the vote often fail because they focus on awareness as their primary objective… In other words, the assumption – if we make people aware of the importance of voting, they’ll vote – is flawed logic. Research on successful strategies for getting out the vote indicate that the strategies that work are those that require accountability, cognitive planning…

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Seth + Tim = Better Than Seth or Tim

The recent podcast interview between Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin demonstrates once again that healthy collisions can supercharge performance. I love both of these individuals for the work that they do. However, in this case, Seth + Tim = a better result than just Seth or Tim separately. Classic 1+1=3. Of course, the ideas in this podcast interview are not necessarily new… Seth has been providing this advice in different ways for years. Indeed, Tim references blog posts from Seths Blog from back in 2010. However, the conversation between them…

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