How To Sell Live Classes In WooCommerce

how to sell scheduled live classes in WooCommerce

If you want to sell live classes in WooCommerce this article describes how to do so without any additional premium add-ons or plugins… The Internet has made it possible for any person with a computer, or even a smartphone, to harness their unique life expertise and “productize it” in the form of online training materials such as video classes, e-books, flashcards, online practice tests, etc. If you have developed expertise over your lifetime, and are interested in creating an online business, selling online video classes, e-books, flashcards, online practice tests,…

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How to Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress – No Plugin Needed

How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site without a plugin

If you run a WordPress website, you may want to add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code to your site. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are free tools that can help you see how many visitors are coming to your site and what they are reading, or clicking on. You can add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code to your site in a variety of ways, including using a free plugin to do so… This post shows you how to add the Google Analytics tracking code manually…

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3 Feet From Freedom

Being a solopreneur comes with perils. These include depression, fear, lack of productivity and stacking the odds against yourself in your ability to succeed. One of the big ones is a lack of perspective that comes from having no one to talk to. Perhaps one day we will have artificial intelligence partners who can help us get through the trough of sorrow and other entrepreneurial challenges. But for now, you need other organic beings to help you… Maybe even a fly. James Cameron tells a story on the Tim Ferriss Show about…

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How to Make All Images Secure In WordPress

how to make all images secure in WordPress

Back in the summer of 2018, Google announced that certain websites would be marked with a prominent “NOT SECURE” sign when viewed through the Chrome browser. Specifically, the reason for this warning label is to alert users if they were visiting a website that could be potentially harmful… What Is Insecure Content and Why Does It Matter? The following in italics is a direct quote from Google’s page on “Mixed Content” aka “Insecure Content”: Mixed content occurs when initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but other resources (such as…

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Vidyard Pricing? (Sorry It’s Not Public)

Vidyard pricing isn’t publicly available? Bummer. Anyone who’s curious about Vidyard pricing because they are looking for a video hosting platform will be disappointed to find out that Vidyard’s pricing is not public… Why isn’t Vidyard pricing available? I don’t know… The only thing I can assume is that they’ve made it a “secret” to get you to call them or to fill out the request form for free demo. Vidyard Pricing Questions Are The 2nd Most Common on Google Vidyard’s approach to pricing transparency is stupid. Why? Because anyone…

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Short Emailing Like Texting Can Be Effective

In sales you need to get your point across and also be considerate of your prospect’s time… It’s tempting to email someone who you don’t know and be polite and formal… “Dear Mr. So and So, I’m writing because…” Or “Hi James, Good talking with you the other day…” Leading with a salutation (eg. “Hi James”) often works fine in an initial email… However, if a sales relationship takes shape, with multiple emails, calls, whatever, I think it often makes sense to lose the salutations in subsequent emails. This conveys…

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Is There A LinkedIn Publishing Rel=Canonical Option?

Is there a LinkedIn publishing rel=canonical option

Prior to republishing an article from my blog using LinkedIn Publishing I wondered if LinkedIn includes a Rel=Canonical link option to help publishers avoid duplicate content… It turns out that the answer is “no”. LinkedIn doesn’t offer a rel=canonical option, or build it in by default like Medium does… This a bummer for two reasons: Digital sharecropping is a really stupid long-term business model. Google can penalize you for duplicate content. However, depending on the age of your blog and your goals, reposting an existing article from your blog on LinkedIn…

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6 Legit Sales Statistics (And Techniques That Work)

6 Legit Sales Statistics and Techniques That Work

For about the past 4 years I’ve had a printout of cold calling sales statistics on the wall of my office… It’s from the “National Sales Executive Association”. You’ve probably seen these before… These sales statistics are a good motivator because they remind me that while cold calling is hard, I should push through the pain because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel if I persevere. The bad news about these stats is that apparently the “National Sales Executive Association” doesn’t exist… So the stats are made…

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Seth + Tim = Better Than Seth or Tim

The recent podcast interview between Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin demonstrates once again that healthy collisions can supercharge performance. I love both of these individuals for the work that they do. However, in this case, Seth + Tim = a better result than just Seth or Tim separately. Classic 1+1=3. Of course, the ideas in this podcast interview are not necessarily new… Seth has been providing this advice in different ways for years. Indeed, Tim references blog posts from Seths Blog from back in 2010. However, the conversation between them…

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