Daily Blogging and Self-Awareness

I’ll never forget some advice I heard in an audio interview with Seth Godin. Darren Hardy, who was the publisher of Success Magazine for many years, was conducting the interview. Darren always asked the same question at the end of an interview with an expert… “What’s the one thing you would recommend for our readers and listeners to do to take action today.” Darren had hardly finished asking the question when, without hesitation, Seth said: “Start a blog and write in it every day”. I had already heard this from…

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Topic Clusters Can Improve Conversions

Do Pillars and Topic Clusters Improve Conversions?

One day a few years ago I decided that I was on a mission to find a four leaf clover.  I had never found a four leaf clover before… But I was obsessed with the idea and determined to find one. I looked everywhere and after a few weeks, while at a park with my family, I found one.  In fact there were many four leaf clovers in this one place. There was one, then I found another and another and another…  I gave them to my daughters. But they were…

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Are Blog Comments Outdated?

Seth Godin, unicorn of the online world, doesn’t allow blog comments. Why? Blog comments are simply a tool for (mostly) spammers and trolls who are commenting for the wrong reasons. Seth says comments even affect the way he writes… So he doesn’t accept them. Should You Accept Blog Comments? If you start a blog, you may be disciplined enough to write daily, find your voice and gain a following. Driving traffic to your blog helps generate income through PPC ads and e-commerce monetization opportunities. But will comments help you with…

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What is the Top of the Marketing Funnel?

What is the top of the marketing funnel?

The sales or marketing funnel is an inbound marketing concept… And whether you are trying to solve a problem or shopping for a product to buy, the “top of the funnel” is often the very beginning of intention… The four phases of solving a problem are: Awareness Acknowledgement Acceptance Action The four phases are the same for solving a problem or shopping online. In online shopping, it starts at the top of a marketing funnel. The process of becoming a customer in e-commerce is referred to as the “buyer journey. The…

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Is Inbound Marketing Dead or Dying?

is inbound marketing dead... or dying?

When done correctly, over time, content marketing (aka inbound marketing) has the best return on investment (ROI) when compared to pay per click marketing. This is not an apples to apples comparison, though… Inbound marketing results take time. PPC marketing results are immediate. Inbound marketing is “forever”. PPC marketing is driven in shorter, measurable bursts. Inbound marketing costs “time”. PPC marketing costs cash and time. Because of the time only aspect of inbound, it has been the favorite of bootstrappers and progressive chief marketing officers for years. For “laptop lifestyle”…

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How to Reinvest Passive AdSense Income with Acorns

How to reinvest passive AdSense income with Acorns

Reliable passive income streams for new bloggers are hard to find, but AdSense is still one of them… Even though it’s been under assault by ad blockers in recent years, AdSense is still a great choice for beginning bloggers. Indeed, if you’re a new to blogging, AdSense may be one of the few ways to earn some extra money while you build a following. AdSense is free software from Google that reads the content of the blog posts on your website and places relevant pay per click advertisements in the…

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GDPRgeddon for Solopreneurs and Bloggers

gdprgeddon for solopreneurs

GDPR compliance is about 26 hours away… Meanwhile, for millions of solopreneurs, bloggers, tiny website owners, etc… Compliance with GDPR is like “GDPRgeddon”. //Rant// What a ridiculous, asymmetrically burdensome pain in the ass. It’s absurd. Of course the huge, data-driven companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. should have to comply with whatever privacy requirements the EU wants to have in place. Their entire billion dollar business model empires are built on the bones and reputations of individuals using their free tools. As they say, if it’s free… You are the product.…

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WP Courseware eLearning Plugin For WordPress

Even if you aren’t aware of it, there’s a good chance that you have some unique knowledge that others would benefit from… Perhaps it’s related to your professional career as a zombie makeup artist… or your mycology hobby, or your unique style of iPad illustration or cartooning. Whatever your skills are… On the Internet those skills create an opportunity! You have an opportunity not only to solve a problem for someone else who is looking to learn, but also create a business for yourself. How? Create an online course to…

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Jupiter’s Moons… And Long Tail SEO

Jupiter's moons and long tail SEO

Jupiter has 69 moons… 69! What!?! I had no idea. Jupiter has the most moons of any planet in the solar system. The largest of the moons of Jupiter are called the Galilean moons because they were discovered by the father of modern physics, Galileo Galilei. This made me think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the importance of long tail content when starting a blog or an online business. What is Long Tail Content? Everyone knows the largest planet in our solar system… You could probably name all the planets, including…

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