With Cyber Insurance “I Didn’t Know” Is Not An Excuse

cyber insurance I didnt know is no excuse

Read about a cyber attack recently? Of course you have… So, there’s no excuse for not having cyber insurance for your business. The interesting thing is that it’s actually a good time to buy cyber insurance because three things are going on: 1) Insurance companies don’t really know how to price it. 2) A lot of competition exists in the insurance marketplace for solving cyber risks using artificial intelligence and software. 3) Only about 25% of the businesses in the US have any cyber coverage… These three situations converge to…

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The Best and Worst Jobs for “Questioners”

what are the best and worst jobs for questioners

Gretchen Rubin wrote a book about human behavior, and the psychology of human expectations called “The Four Tendencies“.  The Four Tendencies is about the four different personality types that most people fit into. The four personality types are: Obligers: Obligers will do what others ask without much prodding. They like the external structure and expectations of others to drive them. They can have issues setting and meeting internal expectations and goals, though. Upholders: Upholders can meet both internal and external expectations. They make great entrepreneurs. Questioners: Questioners can meet internal expectations,…

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Amazon Insurance for Pro Merchants and FBA?

Amazon Insurance for Pro Merchants and FBA

Amazon.com makes it easy for individuals and businesses to increase sales and reach new customers that they might not otherwise be able to reach. This is because Amazon is so freaking huge. It’s hard to fathom, but Amazon processed about 44% of all e-commerce sales on the web in 2017. This equated to around 4% of all U.S. retail sales! Amazon Insurance Requirements You can sell on Amazon as a business or an individual. A business account is called “Professional” or “Pro Merchant” account. Individual is just called “Individual”. Pro Merchants…

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Porsche Arbitrage: Should You Buy a Vintage Porsche 924S?

**Updated June 2018** Classic Porsches have been riding a wave of price appreciation for awhile now… While it’s been limited somewhat to the 911 body type, other Porsches, such as the 914 (!!), 944, 924 and 928 have also been affected… A rising tide sometimes does lift all boats. The 924S, a briefly manufactured version of the 924, may be a particular opportunity because of its unique engine. The price of a vintage Porsche with the classic 911 body type has been skyrocketing for the past few years. A vintage 911…

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